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Work In Progress

Zaslove, A., & Meijers, M.J. (2021, October 14). Populist Democrats? Unpacking the Relationship Between Populism and (Liberal) Democracy at the Citizen Level.  Preprint:

Meijers, M.J.,van Drunen, Y, and Jacobs, K. “Climate Policy Opposition and its Motivations: Populism, Left-Right Orientations, and Socio-Economic Status”. 

Bremer, B., Kuhn, T., Meijers, M.J, & Nicoli, F. (2021, March 18). „Viral Solidarity? EU Solidarity and Risk-Sharing in the COVID-19 Crisis”. Preprint:

Bremer, B., Kuhn, T., Meijers, M., & Nicoli, F. (2020, August 26). Generating Support for International Cooperation: How Parties Affect Fiscal Integration Preferences. Pre-Analysis Plan:

Meijers, M.J. & Van Der Velden, M. “Give a Little, Take a Little Political Parties’ Reputational Cost of Compromise”. Pre-Analysis Plan:

Williams, C. &  Meijers, M.J. “An Inadvertent Advantage? The Effects of Social Democratic Parties’ Engagement with the Immigration Issue in Western Europe”.

Meijers, M. & van der Veer, H. “Competition in the EP in Times of Populism and Nativism: An Analysis of the Eight EP Term”.

Van Elsas, E., Sipma, T., Meijers, M.,J.. “Bias Perceptions of Political Institutions in the Netherlands”